Online casino safety

Playing inside your warm apartment, feeling totally comfortable and safe you must be sure your money is safe enough, too. Being out of this hot gambling atmosphere, which usually reigns in casino houses, you forget about how scary and powerful security looks there. Everything is on the cameras, which cover the majority of accessible areas, men with wide backs in expensive costumes can easily grab you and throw away if something bad was on your mind. But how to be about it, when all you see is the screen and endless bonuses, which make you feel happy and forget about any danger at all? It is true that all the neoteric softwares serve in casino systems, which work according to the most modern principles and methods. Each site has the place, where you can know which duties become yours after registration and what functions website is to perform. There you…

Card Games

Gambling. Card Games.

According to statistics, cards are one of the most popular affair in the world. In addition to popularity, this is also a very antiquarian way to spend free time. The first mentions were found in the Chinese manuscripts of the 9th century BC. In Europe cards  appeared much later – in the 14th century. Today there is a huge variety of card sets, but the most common  is a set of 52 cards of four suits. There were attempts to enter the fifth suit, but society didn’t  accept such innovation. If we are talking about card games, then it should be noted that their variety  is incredibly large. However, they can still be classified: The first and largest group is called gambling games Apparently, the word “gambling” does not need to be explained. The most popular card games in this category are poker, baccarat,  blackjack, and others. Games for calculation…

Casino in Germany

Casino in Germany

More than 126 casinos are in Germany. All of them are located on different federal lands (which in Germany 16) and, accordingly, are subject to different gambling laws. So, for example, the authorities of each land themselves set the age limit for visitors to gambling establishments and the time of the casino. Therefore, if in Bavaria gambling can be people who have reached the age of 21, then in Berlin, the entrance to the casino is open to players, starting from the age of 18. All German casinos unite two general rules: visitor control and incredibly high tax rates (over 80% of revenues are paid to the state). The first casino in Germany was opened in the city of Wiesbaden, the capital of the land of Hesse. This happened in 1771. This institution, in addition to being the oldest gambling institution, is one of the top ten casinos in Europe….

Basic strategy

Basic strategy for all types of poker

The first step to mastering the basic strategy of poker is to understand poker terms and how they can help you in the game. Bluff One of the most important and most famous poker concepts is Bluff. Bluffing means betting or raising it when you do not have a good enough hand in hand to win. The purpose of this bet is to get other players to believe that you have a stronger combination and fold the cards. In this case, you become the winner. Without the ability to bluff, you will find it very difficult to play poker well. Slow Play Using this strategy, a player who has a very good combination on his hands does not take too much action and does not raise bets too often, knowing (or hoping) that his opponent will bluff. If the strategy works, then it can significantly increase the bank and hide…

Financial stability

Financial stability of casino

Let’s compare a casino with an insurance agency. Would you guarantee your home in an insurance agency that gets less in one year than a value of your home? Probably not. If your home burns to the ground, your insurance agency won’t have enough cash to pay and you will have to go to court. This can lead to their bankruptcy, and even in this case you will not get your money. The circumstance with the online gambling club is similar. If you win a huge amount in a small casino, it will lead to a violation of its cash flow. The casino will try to cheat you in order to not to pay your winnings. In the worst case, the casino will face insolvency. In this case, it is not about honesty or dishonesty, but rather that the casino does not actually have such amount of money. Some gaming…